Repositories missing from InstallationEvent with `deleted` action


The payload for InstallationEvent with a deleted action does not have the array of repositories like a created action does. However, the docs show an example deleted action that does have them in.

Is this a bug? It would be useful to have the repositories in the payload for app so that we know which repositories have been removed.


:wave: Hey @sheepsteak

It looks like the docs need to be updated, sorry for the confusion!

That InstallationEvent is triggered with a "deleted" action when the app is uninstalled from the user entirely.

You can expect a different event (linked below) when the repositories for an installation are updated. This event will have the added/removed repositories in the payload.


Hi @jakewilkins.

I think I may have confused you a bit.

What I’m asking is if the Installation.deleted event can contain all the repositories that the GitHub App will be uninstalled from to be consistent with the Installation.created event which has all the repositories the user chose to install the app to.

I think the docs are correct and it’s the implementation that is not sending the correct payload at the moment.


Oh yep, I misunderstood, sorry about that :grinning:

That’s definitely an inconsistency, I’ll pass this on to the team. Thanks!