[Resolved] GraphQL API endpoint is currently offline


The GitHub GraphQL API has been temporarily disabled while we investigate a possible server-side issue. We should be able to restore access very soon and we’ll provide an additional update once the API status is green again.

Thanks in advance for your patience!


Good evening everyone. :city_sunset:

At this point, we’re planning to keep the GraphQL endpoint offline through Monday as we’re entering the weekend. We’ll update this issue as things change. Thanks for your patience! :heart:


@davidcelis @kdaigle thanks for the heads up, would this temporary disabling explain why I’ve been receiving an error asking me to accept the prerelease agreeement even though I’ve previously done so?

  "errors": [
    "You must accept the pre-release in order to use GraphQL. Go to https://github.com/prerelease/agreement and sign the agreement."


Yeah, unfortunately we’re not returning the correct error message in this case. We hope to have a fix out for that today or tomorrow. Once the endpoint comes back online, this particular error should go away if you signed the agreement.

You must accept the pre-release in order to use GraphQL

We’ve updated the error message to be clearer that the endpoint is currently down for maintenance. :sparkles:


The GitHub GraphQL API is once again available. Thanks for your patience while we were offline.