Restrictions for repo admins to install GitHub Apps?


According to this thread, repo admins can install GitHub Apps on the repos they have admin permissions.

I created a small GitHub App to test this, but I can only see organizations for which I’m an owner. I’m not owner of the missing organization, but I am admin on a number of repos belonging to that organization.

Are there additional restrictions for installing GitHub Apps for repo admins? Is there a specific organization setting that needs to be enabled to allow repo admins to install GitHub Apps?

The documentation on GitHub Apps seems to be outdated on this (if the information on the thread above is correct, see

Only an organization owner can install a GitHub App on their organization



Hi @pnavarrc,

Installing GitHub Apps by Repository admins has been temporarily disabled. We’re actively working on re-enabling that feature; we don’t have a timeline to share right now.

Hope this helps!



Thanks Matt, is there a changelog available to follow updates on GitHub Apps? Cheers!


Also chiming in here. When is this functionality expected to be released again?

If an org owner has already authorized an app to be allowed for their organization, it makes sense that repo admins have the permission to add it to their repo. There is too much bottleneck for enterprise-level organizations to have the limited org owners adding each individual repo to the app.

A changelog or at least being alerted when expected functionality has temporarily disabled will also be extremely useful.