Schema request: Ability to fetch commit insertion & deletion counts



Hi there,

We need to retrieve the number of insertions and deletions made by commits. From what I can tell this is not currently available – please consider adding it to the schema.



Hey @nomeyer!

Got it! I’ve added this to our internal schema request board - we’ll update this thread when we have updates!


Hey @nomeyer,

Sorry for the delay, this just shipped and is now part of our schema! We’ve added additions, deletions and changedFiles to the Commit object.

Thanks for the feature request!


Hi @d12, thanks. I tried adding these fields to my PR & commit queries and keep getting errors returned by the API unfortunately… Here are a few sample ids:

  • F958:4F41:F37857:20B6AEA:5AF2E7BD
  • F95A:4F41:F38A9C:20B8FE2:5AF2E7DC
  • F95E:4F42:12FC643:268F4D0:5AF2E7FB


@nomeyer I took a look at your exceptions, and I think we’ve figured out the root cause. I can’t give an exact ETA on the fix, but as a temporary fix, putting additions, deletions, and changedFiles below the suggestedReviewers field will succeed.