Schema Request: support [/users/:username/received_events]



Is there a plant to migration API v3 received_events Events to v4? Thanks

Notifications and Events APIs seem to be missing

Hi there!

Sorry for the delay on this. It looks like it may have fell through the cracks. I’ve added this schema request to our internal issue tracker to prioritize. We’ll update you when we have more information to share.


Thanks waiting for this for a while


It would be nice also to be able to systematically (and easily) retrieve the time a given commit was received by the server.

In v4, currently, this seems to be provided by pushedDate on commit, but this field is often null and I ignore why. In v3, it is possible to get the push time but the events are stored only 3 months back in time, which is unfortunate.

I use GitHub for monitoring students projects. This functionality would permit to tell whether students have updated their projects on time (whereas commit date can be changed by the student).

Should I open a new post for this request?