Send notification on webhook delivery errors


:wave: I really appreciate the “Recent Deliveries” and the ability redeliver directly from the GitHub App’s advanced settings page :pray:

I’d love to be able to provide an error notification email address (or other means like slick or IRC information) so the team could get notified if a webhook delivery failed. Is that something you would consider adding? It’d be a great help :heart:


Thanks for the request @gr2m. It’s not something that’s in our immediate plans, but I can see the usefulness of such a feature. We’ll incorporate this feedback as we plan our future roadmaps.

I’d like to keep this thread open to hear if this is something others would find value in as well :smile:.


I really like how Slack retries failed events. From their Events API docs:

Your app should respond to the event request with an HTTP 2xx within three seconds. If it does not, we’ll consider the event delivery attempt failed. After a failure, we’ll retry three times, backing off exponentially.


Yeah, given suddenly retrying may be surprising we’re trying to figure out how to attach retries at some point to other webhooks changes/improvements. :bowing_man: We’re working on some underlying systems at the moment which would make this easier to do in the future.