Set the email address of the bot



it would be nice if it would be possible to set an email address for the bot user. So that commits are made with that email address. Right now it is set to “greenkeeper[bot]”.




Hey @finnp,

Thanks for the request. It’s honestly not something we’d thought about yet, but we think it’s an interesting idea. We’ll be discussing this a bit more internally, and I’ll report back once we know more.


One more use-case for this: external SLA-verification services used by bigger corporations (like Google in our case). They are verifying commits by author Email, it’d be great to continue to use the one that was verified already.


I’ll add that I too have interest for this feature. It would be nice if integrations commits were attributed to the integration account.



Hi all,

Sorry for the delay, and thanks for sharing additional details about how this would be useful. We’ve decided that this is something that we do plan to add support for. We don’t have an estimated time, but we’ll update this issue once we have something in place.


Heya, any news on this? :slight_smile: