Sign up URLs with `/integration/app_name` are broken for all apps


Hey team,

Looks like you broke all of the links yesterday. Check out the signup link on the front page of Greenkeeper (and others) to see a sad 404.

Any app writers reading this: you can fix your links by replacing integration with apps (so your new URL is

Any GitHub folks - would be great to have a re-direct on the old links for now, as a lot of people won’t realise no-one new can sign up for their apps. Appreciate you probably want to deprecate it in future.


Thanks @greysteil, I’ve kicked off a discussion internally about this.


Hi @greysteil

We’re still investigating how we missed that this many integrators were still using the old routes.

In the mean time we’ve reverted the change so the /integration routes on GitHub will work as expected.

In the upcoming months will be removing the /integration routes but we’ll do a better job at giving people a heads up.

Thanks again for letting us know!


Awesome, thanks @tarebyte!