SSH URL of repositories



I’m trying to access the SSH URL of repositories belonging to an organisation, and I believe the GraphQL API does not allow for that yet.

The data that I would like to have exposed:

The SSH URL for a repository, such as

Related existing REST API resource, if applicable:<access_token>
Filter by ssh_url

A description of how you intend on using the data:

I’m currently using this data to mass-clone repositories belonging to our organisation/teams for code review.


Thank you for the schema request, @0x776b7364.

I’ve added this to our internal tracker and will update you here when we have this added to the schema.


:wave: @0x776b7364 ,

We have now added the sshUrl field to the schema.
Here’s an example query:

  repository(name: "graphql-client", owner: "github") {


Oops, late reply, and thanks for implementing my request!