Star endpoint needs a more restrictive rate limit


I use GitHub webhooks on some of my repositories, however the lack of a (reasonable?) rate limit on the starring of a project causes issues with spam. A user can spam 20+ stars which floods integrations like discord that use webhooks for repository notifications. I would propose that a rate limit is added to this endpoint to prevent spam. It also floods follower’s feed pages. I tested this and here are some screenshots of what happens & why this is an issue.

Github feed:
Discord chat (as an example integration):

(also please dont ban me for testing the rate limit)


Hi @ducc

Just to make sure I understand you want an abuse limiter for user’s starring repositories correct?

(also please dont ban me for testing the rate limit)



Yes please!


Hi Mark , I do apologize if I give you something which bothers you. I do really appreciate you giving me corrections its the only way I can get the proper reply. On what I do by doing it according to my feelings.))

Thanks PS and I have no idea what did you ask me about. )


Hi @ducc!

Thanks again for the feedback! I’ve passed this along to the team responsible so they can keep this in mind.

I can’t promise when or even if this would get implemented but it’s on their radar as feedback.


Thanks @tarebyte!