Support accessing teams via repository



Is there any reason why collaborators are available as a child of repositories, but not teams?

Ability to get the Team collaborators for an organisation's repositories

Hi @wheresrhys,

No reason in particular, we just haven’t had a chance to add a teams connection to the Repository object yet. I’ll mark this thread as a schema request and add it to our internal tracker.

We’ll update you here when we have more infomration to share.


Hi @bswinnerton,

Just want to chime in here to voice some support for this request and provide a user story in case its helpful in justifying work on this connection: I’m working on a tool to help folks in my organization quickly identify the team responsible for maintaining a given repository. I’ve gotten a proof of concept working using v3 of the REST API, but we’ve built a number of other internal tools around GraphQL and it would prefer to keep everything in one place.