Support for the Organization event



This is my first post regarding the new GitHub Integrations.
We have been implementing it within our website for a few weeks and this is actually working very well.
It helped us a lot improve stability, especially when working with organizations’ repositories, so thanks for the good work!

However, I was a bit surprised that the integration didn’t allow to subscribe to the organization events, since the integration is fully functional on an organization account.
Is subscribing to this event something you already thought of and didn’t implement for a specific reason?
If not, I would really appreciate having this feature since to sync membership between GitHub and our app, the current workflow requires to add a webhook on the organization, would it be manually by the user or using the OAuth with specific permissions.

Kind regards,


Glad to hear that your work with Integrations is going well so far :tada:. Thanks for the request. We do plan to add support for the organization event to Integrations. We don’t have a specific timeline to share at the moment, but we’ll update this thread once we have something in place.


Fantastic, thanks for your reply.
In addition to this request, if we create an Integration today, will it be possible to configure it later to add support for this new event?


Good question @jpreynat. At the moment, it’s not possible to edit an Integration’s permissions or events after it’s been created, but we are working to add that functionality.


Glad to hear it. I would love to know when this is possible.
In the meantime, the current set of events and permissions will be quite sufficient for us right now.