Tab completion for bot names


Perhaps a little niche, but it would be nice to have tab completion for bot names, in the same way that we get it for actual contributors.

Our app, Dependabot, increasingly uses PR / issue comments to interact with users, and I think that’s quite a common flow (see bundlerbot for another example).

I’ve noticed a few users mistyping the name of our bot, which obviously breaks their command. OAuth bots already get tab completion by virtue of controlling a GitHub user - would it be possible to have the same for App bots?


Hi @greysteil, this sounds similar to the use case mentioned in Support `@`-mentioning apps revisited

@jmilas do you want to weigh in here?


Ah, wasn’t aware there was prior discussion on this one - sorry!

Am I right in summarising the current situation as:

  • Bots do not appear in the autocomplete list at all
  • Bots cannot be @-mentioned. It might appear that they can be, since the mention might link to an organisation / user with the same name, but they can’t be

That’s a little sad, but I can see how it would be non-trivial to change. In an ideal world, I’d want:

  • Bots appear in the autocomplete list, with a [bot] suffix
  • When @-mentioned, the @app-name[bot] link goes to a profile page for the bot, that basically just says it’s a bot. This is obviously the bit that would need some work

I don’t think it’s a big deal, but my argument for supporting @-mentioning bots is that it’s the natural flow for requesting them to do something. I don’t see much of a downside, especially if the page linked to explains that the app owners won’t have been notified unless they’re listening in on webhooks.

Like I said, no big deal - just wanted to make sure you had the feedback. Would be keen to hear @Keno’s thoughts, too.


I’ll happily throw my :+1: behind this request, since people are used to the at-mentioning workflow to request things to be done by somebody else. Since my bot works mostly with pull requests, I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of using PR reviews (i.e. users can do “Changes Requested” and the bot will pick that up), but for our other bots, we do still use the at-mention syntax (they’re currently not GitHub Apps though).