The contributedRepositories query doesnt give all repos


I am using the below query:
viewer{contributedRepositories(first:100){edges {node {nameWithOwner url isFork isPrivate}}}}}

I am not able to see the repos from private organizational repo, but can see the public ones. for e.g.

I have access to two organizational repos V-empower(private) and officedev(Public) . The Above query gives me the repo i contributed to officedev and not the V-empower one. How to get both or is there any issue with the Api?


Hi there! There could be a couple of things going on:

  1. Are you using a third-party app, like the GraphQL Explorer, to get this information? If so, v-empower has OAP turned on, and my response here also applies to you re: enabling third-party access.

  2. Which scopes are you using to access the data? If you don’t have the repo scope on your token, you won’t be able to see private repos.


I think that is the wrong link @gjtorikian. It links to a discussion about a CODE search type. I think you wanted to link something bout re-enabling third-party access in an org.


Hi @goelashish7!

I want to apologize for the late response to this issue - I didn’t fully grasp the problem until just now. I think we may have an issue with the way the contributedRepositories connection is implemented, which is causing issues with the latter filtering of repositories depending on your criteria.

I’ve opened this as a Priority 1 issue in our issue tracker, and I’m going to make sure it gets looked at very soon.


We are blocked by this So any help will be appreciated.@nickvanw


Hi @nickvanw , Any Updates on this ?


Hey @goelashish7!

In Fetch all repos that are accessible to a user, we shipped a bugfix to a shared piece of code that impacts this as well - can you let me know if the response looks any better? I’ve got a hunch this should fix some of the issues.


Hey @goelashish7,

We’ve recently rebuilt the contributedRepositories endpoint. Thanks for your bug report :slight_smile: