Unable to install integration on personal public repo – bug or feature?


Hi there,

Thanks for your hard work on Integrations – looking forward to deploying a production Integration :slight_smile:

However I just discovered that, currently, GitHub users can’t install integrations on personal public repos. Since I couldn’t find anything mentioned in the docs about this and because organisations can install integrations on public repos, I wanted to ask whether this was a bug, a feature, or something on the roadmap that we should expect in the coming weeks/months.

Thank you!


That’s funny, I’ve just started creating an integration and have encountered exactly the same thing!

I’ve created a bot that performs some useful tasks on people repos. Currently they have to add it as a collaborator in order to allow the bot to add labels to issues. I also anticipate that I’ll encounter rate-limit issues as well with this bot.

It feels like this should be an integration - but it is very limited if it can’t be used on personal public repos!


Did you make the integration Public? That setting is in the Advanced tab (it’s also available during setup, IIRC). It’s not on by default.

Because it work for me…


Thanks for the tip @notriddle but unfortunately that didn’t solve the issue for me.


@nomeyer @ColinEberhardt What integration are y’all trying to install on your personal repos? I haven’t been able to reproduce this using my own integrations, but I wanna get to the bottom of this bug :sweat:


Hi @davidcelis, thanks for your help. I’ve taken a look at this again and it’s my bad – the account I was trying to integrate with didn’t have any repositories (public or private). Once I created a public repo, I was able to install the integration on the account, so no problem here.

The thing that threw me off is the copy displayed when the account has no repo:

It didn’t click that this could be displayed because I had no repos on my account, I just took it at face value. I’d recommend making this a bit clearer.

Thank you


Oh, whoops! We’ll fix up that copy right away. Thanks a ton for noticing that!