Updates to the GraphQL API



Salutations from the GitHub team! Here are couple of upcoming items we’d like everyone to be aware of as we continue development on the GraphQL API.

  • We will begin rolling out breaking schema changes immediately for the next week as part of some Early Access cleanup. We will let you know once we’re done with the breaking changes.
  • We are going to introduce a new consumption based rate limiter shortly that will replace our “per call” limiter in place. Please look for information to come in the next week or two.

Feel free to post your questions, comments, etc. in this thread, we’ll be monitoring it as we make the changes over the next few weeks.



Thanks for letting us know.

Could we have some ideas about the breaking schema changes? Or should we wait until the end next week?


@twidi Since the breaking changes are still WIP and rolling out over the next week or so, it may not be helpful for us to post a list of exactly what’s changing here. If you find that your integration is being affected by these changes and you need more information from us, please post a question here with more details and we’d be happy to follow up with more information


Thanks @sbarnekow for your answer. I had too many errors so I had to stop all I did via the graphql API, I won’t be able to investigate on this right now.

A question, though. Is the graphql documentation automatically updated ? (https://developer.github.com/early-access/graphql/)

I guess at least The explorer is up to date because the schema are extracted from the live graphql server. Could you confirm?


Yes, it’s updated automatically roughly every ten minutes.


(In fact after checking the only real problem I had was the renaming of avatarURL into avatarUrl :slight_smile: )


Are there any updates to this topic? Would be great to hear when the breaking changes are completed + details of the new rate limit system. Thanks!


Hey @TuomasTammi - the breaking changes mentioned in this post above are now complete. For more information on our GraphQL API’s rate limiting please check out the guide on GraphQL’s Resource Limitations and reference documentation on the RateLimit object.