URGENT: Accidental breaking API change to widely-used endpoint


Hi team,

Looks like you made a breaking change to the API for https://api.github.com/user/installations sometime around 11:24 UTC today. As a result, logins and signups to Dependabot, and I’d imagine a fair number of other apps, are currently broken.

The breaking change was that the data wrapper key changed from integration_installations to installations.

Assuming you plan to fix the above immediately can you please start responding with both keys? It’s late over here (in the UK) so I won’t have a chance to fix Dependabot logins until tomorrow morning if you don’t :cry:.




cc @kytrinyx @jmilas @izuzak


@greysteil sorry that caught you off guard. What you’re seeing is the removal of some deprecated keys which was originally announced in May with a reminder last month. More details can be found here. The deprecation date was November 22, and we’re in the process of rolling that out.


Ah man, somehow the fact that the keys on the response from that endpoint totally passed me by - sory for the false alarm!


No worries. Thanks for letting us know that something seemed off. We appreciate that.