User identification flow is broken?


The endpoint /integration/identity/user started returning {"message":"Bad credentials","documentation_url":""} with no code change from our end. I can’t find the documentation of that endpoint anymore in the documentation, and the old article was deleted:

What’s exactly supposed to happen now?


If anyone else is using the feature, here is the reply I received from Github Support:

The ability to act a user for your integration is one of the features provided by the Early Access period:

The ability to access this feature for Integrations was removed by our team on February 10th, 2017. We’re sorry for any confusion that this may have caused as you were developing wi

This feature includes the following API endpoints:

POST /installations/:installation_id/access_tokens with the user_id parameter
PATCH /integration/identity/user

We have decided that this is not the best solution for acting as a user for an Integration and we will providing an alternative method in the next few months.

I guess this endpoint was being used by both the “impersonation” and “user identification” features, and when “impersonation” went away - so did this.


Hey @ramonsnir. As part of the Early Access, we decided that it would be best to pursue a different implementation of this functionality. We removed the original endpoints (and as a courtesy attempted to reach out to anyone who was actively using them in advance, sorry if anyone fell through the cracks).

We’re currently building support for the same functionality using a different implementation. We’ll update you once that’s available.


Would be great to have some kind of identification functionality back.

I’m trying to get a list of GitHub issues that my integration has previously created, for example, without paging through what could be a long list of all open issues. The list issues for a repository endpoint supports passing a creator user ID - perhaps it (and other endpoints) could support passing an integration ID?


@greysteil We’ve recently released new user identification functionality for Integrations. You can check out the blog or docs for more details.


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