Validation failed when moving card within a column


EDIT- I didn’t read the API page properly. It requires the id of another card not its position

I am writing an Android app for GitHub projects, and so far most of the API has worked fine.

I have been able to move a card from one column to another column.

See my test project here.
The cards in column 4 (id 486406) have been moved over from column 3 via the app.

However when I try to move cards around within column 3 I get an error message:

{“message”:“Validation Failed”,“errors”:[“Could not resolve to a node with the global id of ‘MDExOlByb2plY3RDYXJkMg==’.”],“documentation_url”:“”}

I saw the same message on another topic but that was due to issue ids while none of the cards I am trying to move are associated with issues.

In order to move the card ‘Test 6’ in column 3 to the position of ‘Test 4’ (index 0 to index 2) I am passing the following JSON as my post body:

My card id matches the id I can see via inspect element, and I know that my apps oauth secret is valid as I can create new projects, columns etc.

Help is much appreciated.