Webhook Delivery Failure (Option to Disable SSL)


I’m getting the following errors when trying to set up webhook delivery to my development environment. I’ve whitelisted and it now seems like the delivery is failing because my dev environments don’t have valid SSL certificates

We had a problem connecting to the server. The most common problem with these types of errors is a misconfigured SSL certificate. Try verifying your certificate chain.

I’m in the process of getting a SSL cert for my development machine, but I would imagine that having the option to disable SSL checking would be helpful in the future.



Note, we just send the hooks over HTTP instead.


Haha, that would also work!

I was thinking something like the “Disable SSL Verification” button on the repository webhooks page might be easy to drop in:


Thanks for the request @bkendzior. We do plan to add that same option for Integrations webhooks. I don’t have a specific timeline for when we’ll have that added in, but we’ll update back here once we do.



We’ve added the option to disable SSL verification for Integrations now.

Hope that helps!