Webhook for team_add no longer fired


I have a running internal Github Integration which sets some settings on newly created repositories or when a specific team is added to a repo. Everything worked fine until a few month ago. Some setting where no longer applied. I looked into it and it turns out the team_add webhook is never fired. My app definitely registers this hook but it isn’t listed in the send payloads overview.

I am doing something wrong here and something changed under my nose?


The team_add webhook should be firing. It requires the “organization members” granular permission to be selected. Would you mind confirming that you have that permission selected?


Yes I can conform that this permission is set with Read & Write permission.
With the new UI I can even select the hook without setting the proper permissions first. I created a second copy for debugging purposes on a different organization. Same issue.


Thanks for confirming! I’m opening an issue about this internally. We’ll report back here when we know more.