Webhooks are sent from non-installation repositories?


I don’t know if this is a known issue. What we have is: an integration with several hooks enabled, its ownership was moved (used to be a user, now an organization), it has a single installation (still in testing) which is only enabled for one repository.

What I noticed, is that at least one other repository to sending webhooks to the integration.

“You can edit repositories that … is installed on”, only one repository is selected.

Any ideas why this could be? I could filter those out applicatively, but kind of expected it to be done automatically.


Hi @ramonsnir, could you let us know which Integration id, and which repository’s related events are being sent to the installation? Feel free to submit this info via support. Thanks!


Integration id is 303, and I see at least the following events: push, pull_request, pull_request_review_comment and issue_comment. These are just the most common events, but it could be that the rarer events are also sent.