Which value is the GitHub App Integration ID?


I’m struggling to get my app to authentication. I’ve created a bearer token and and trying to get the installation access token. GitHub response with 404 and “Integration not found” which leads me to believe the app settings page item "Client Id: " is not the right value and instead I should use… what? The “ID: 1234” under the ‘About’ section but in string form?


Yes, the hypothesized answer is in fact correct.

To obtain installation access tokens from github API v3 as shown here you do need to use the blandly named, purely numerical “ID” from the app settings page and in string form. That is, the value of YOUR_ISSUE_NUMBER is the About section’s ID value.

The Client ID under the oauth section is not intended for use here.


@TomMD that looks like a typo in the docs, I’ll open an internal issue to get that fixed.