Will the projects API connect cards to issues?


I see that the API preview allows retrieving cards for a project.

It looks like I cannot currently determine which cards are connected to issues, and which are not. I would like to know card->issue relationships to facilitate integration with other tools that consume issue information via webhooks.


What is interesting is that in the POST to create a card the content_type can be sent -> but is not included in the response


Hi there @alexdean!

We’re still in the process of working out the best way to expose the issue or pull request associated with a card. At the moment, you’ll notice there is an additional attribute in the card payloads, called content_url, which is a hypermedia URL to fetch more information about issue or PR.

This doesn’t look to be documented at the moment, my apologies. I’ll add it to the developer docs.


Thanks Brooks! Knowing that this is in the pipeline is great news. (We won’t be able to make much use of projects without this.) We’ll hang tight for now and see how things develop.


:wave: @alexdean!

Quick update: I’ve updated the developer documentation here to reflect the content_url hypermedia URL that I mentioned before. Although less than ideal, that might be a temporary solution until we can get the Issue / PR payloads in the Project Card responses.

I’ll update this thread as soon as we have a better solution in place.