Working GitHub app?


Hi, first thank you to read it is my first use of GitHub

I would like to run this : but to be honest I don’t understand anything…

If I can explain my problem :

I wrote drafts of MMS / SMS and sent MMS / SMS with note of my last travel (spending 3 monthes hitchhikking in US) on the phone, and unfortunatly a bug made me have to reinitialize it, deleting all my Drafts and Messages…

I tried all the ways to recover it (many programms, then payant programms, mobile apps, then try to understand some coding to create one by myself with android lab, search others ways…) Impossible to success. An app found some old sms (only the shortest ones) older than the ones I want to recover so I guess they are still here.

And I just fall on this coding made by TheMachineWhisperer who said that we can recover it, so I tried but I can success using GitHub, getting the good file and recover it.

Can I ask someone to help me step by step or even if there is someone freelance I can let the controle of the PC and Mobile to make this app work and recover the files ?

I really thank you if you can help me, already to read my post. Have a good day


Hey there, thanks for your post.

This is the forum for the GitHub GraphQL API and the GitHub Apps feature.

It sounds like what you’re looking for help with is a specific project that is hosted on GitHub. Unfortunately we’re not in a good position to help with those, since we’re not familiar with them.

I would recommend getting in touch with the Signal support team - they should be able to direct you to where you might be able to get technical help with the project (there might be a chat room or forum where developers and powerusers hang out). Another option would be

Best of luck getting this sorted out, it sounds stressful!