You must accept the pre-release in order to use GraphQL


I’ve got error:

  "errors": [
    "You must accept the pre-release in order to use GraphQL. Go to and sign the agreement."

but when I go to I’ve got message “This account is already a member of the pre-release program” because I agree to early program.


Yeah, I mentioned this it the main issue but this is a consequence of the endpoint being down at the moment. Once the endpoint comes back online, it’ll work as expected. We’re also going to improve the error message so it’s more accurate.


Got the same error :confounded:


Now I have error:

POST 401 - You must be authenticated to perform GraphQL queries.

even that I’m loggen in in


The error message has been updated to explain that the endpoint is offline for maintenance. The error message should be “true” now. :smile: Sorry for the confusion!